How to crochet: How to join granny squares?

On March 5, 2013 by bestofcrochet

What do you think is the best way to join granny squares?

Granny squares by AnnaKika

(photo by AnnaKika)

Of course, one can slip stitch squares together, as presented by Bunny Mummy.

This method presented by Sarah London is great since it joins squares as you go along.  However, requires some planning beforehand.

This braiding method by Gourmet Crochet looks amazing and sophisticated, as well as the scallop join.

This invisible joining of granny squares one is one my favourites, since it brings out the shape of granny squares in a great way.

Carina’s Craftblog presents another cool seamless way of joining squares.

What’s your favourite way to join granny squares?

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6 Responses to “How to crochet: How to join granny squares?”

  • I am just about to start joining together my first ever granny square blanket, so your post is much appreciated! I might just try that braiding method, so pretty!

  • I’m going to use the flat braid for my project. Look forward to seeing what you choose.

    • I hope there will be pics! I actually started joining my hexagons already, but because I was in a rush I went with the familiar slip stitch. Only not to create a ridge on the back side of the blanket, I did slip stitches through back loop only, so it is more flat.

  • I wish I could MAKE a granny square let alone join them! I just need more practice is all I guess… Thanks for sharing this, when I actually make some, I will be referring back here!

    • I’m sure you will! Small steps, and you will get there :) Granny squares are one of the most fun things to make, I think :) (Joining them is not so fun though)

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